3.5in GM Suspension Lift | Knuckle Kit w/ Struts (14-18 1500 PU 4wd | Cast Steel)

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If you're looking for not-to-tall and not-too-small, Rough Country's 3.5” Lifted Knuckle kit is the perfect option for increased ground clearance and aggressive good looks! This all-inclusive kit features everything you need for a stunning, new appearance and enhanced off-road action, with a host of features designed to promote an incredible suspension geometry and ride quality!Rough Country's 3.5-inch kit features a set of lifted knuckles allowing you to lift your vehicle in the best possible way. Other kits only replace your upper control arms which can leave your CV boot prone to damage by making contact with the lower arms. Rough Country's innovative, lifted knuckle design gives you plenty of clearance to keep your CV out of harm's way while promoting a better upper arm ball joint angle and better ride quality to boot.This kit includes Rough Country's premium N3 shocks! These 10-stage variable valving, high-pressure Nitrogen charged shocks offer a fantastic blend of off-road action and smooth highway ride quality. Also included in this kit are a set of fabricated rear blocks that are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks while being less susceptible to damage and the environment. This kit also includes Rough Country's Performance N3 Struts for improved tire contact with the road and increased stability and performance.These struts are engineered to fit perfectly on each intended application, and feature a pre-installed coil spring for easy installation without the need for strut disassembly. Simply remove your factory strut and replace with this easy, convenient system. The result is an increased ride height that mimics the factory responsiveness and handling of the OE strut. Includes a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Increased ground clearance. Includes pre-loaded coil for no-fuss assembly Increased CV axle boot clearance with the stamped steel lower control arm. Retains factory suspension components Levels front with rear Fabricated lift blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks. Features application valved N3 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.

  • Requires cutting and grinding If using factory wheels, a 0.25in wheel spacer is required. #1065 Does NOT work with aftermarket control arms Does NOT fit models with stock Aluminum or Stamped Steel control arms. Does NOT fit GMC Denali models with Magnetic Ride Control. New lift block replaces the factory equipped block. If truck is equipped with a mass damper on the front differential, the damper must be removed.
  • Est. Install Time: 4-5 hours
  • Front Component: N3 lifted struts Lifted knuckles Differential drop spacers Differential skid plate Hardware
  • Rear Component: 3in fabricated lift blocks U-bolts Hardware
  • Tire Info:285/55 R20:20x9:6x5.5:+0:-;285/55 R20:20x9:6x5.5:+1:-;285/55 R20:20x9:6x5.5:+18:-;285/55 R20:20x9:6x5.5:+19:-;285/55 R20:Factory 20:6x5.5:-:0.25" Spacer;285/65 R18:18x9:6x5.5:+0:-;285/65 R18:18x9:6x5.5:+1:-;285/65 R18:18x9:6x5.5:+18:-;285/65 R18:18x9:6x5.5:+19:-;285/65 R18:Factory 18:6x5.5:-:0.25" Spacer;285/70 R17:17x9:6x5.5:+0:-;285/70 R17:17x9:6x5.5:+1:-;285/70 R17:17x9:6x5.5:+18:-;285/70 R17:17x9:6x5.5:+19:-;285/70 R17:Factory 17:6x5.5:-:0.25" Spacer